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About alok dubey

Alok Dubey is one such Guru, one who is well versed in ancient wisdom and knowledge andapplies it to real life modern world. He is an Astrologer, mentor, spiritual guru, Gau sevak and ahealer. A tenth generation astrologer from the Dubey clan, he has been an ardent upasak of LordShiva and a disciple of Shri Shripad Baba.


According to the ancient Indian traditions, the Guru is the dispeller of darkness. An enlightenedmaster who has reached a plane of understanding a subject so well that he is ready to impart itand spread the light.

Alok means “light”, and true to his name, he has dedicated his life to spreading the light ofknowledge and in his words “Knowledge is the dispeller of ignorance and the only path tosalvation”. He has been actively involved in spreading the basics of the ancient wisdom in amore scientific manner, something that resonates with the modern world, and proves its relevance time.


A tenth generation astrologer of the Dubey clan, he is well versed in the ancient sacred texts ofastrology. He has combined his deep understanding of Classic texts, Vedas, Upanishads, whichhas given him an exceptional understanding of the subject and power of meaningful chanting.He has an exceptional ability to invoke the potential of positive energy in everyone’s life. He canhelp people to activate your jyotish nadi with the help of guru mantra sadhna.

He brings along years of experience in astrology and holistic approach to solutions in all aspectsof life. Though he firmly believes that if time and transit is perfect then there is no requirementof remedies. Jaap, Dhyaan, and Daan are enough to take care of one’s past life karma and for next birth.